Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Current: Head of Product @ Smith.ai

I work on the future of Humans + AI to help small businesses operate more efficiently by qualifying their leads and triaging incoming phone & chat communication.

Smith is founded by folks from Google and Apple with investment from Signalfire and NFX.

We're great people – and if you're a PM, you should come work with us.

Recent Past: Fractional HoP @ Heavy Metal

Prior to Smith, I operated under the banner of Heavy Metal as a fractional Head of Product for early stage startups – specializing in clients that offered AI as their core product or wanted to embed AI as an ingredient technology within a larger product experience.

Heavy Metal is now the umbrella for my non-Smith thinking and tinkering in AI – like my Generative AI Bob Ross project Happy Little Pixels.

Distant Past: Interactive Fitness @ Beachbody

Prior to Heavy Metal, I led interactive fitness at Beachbody (P90X, Insanity),  where I was part of the core team that launched Beachbody On Demand, got multiple apps featured by Apple, scaled streaming revenue from $0-$200M/yr, and yes also used some AI to make people healthier and more fulfilled.

Talks & Podcasts

Occasionally people ask me to talk about things.

Research as a Superpower • Product in LA

Leveraging ChatGPT & LLMs in the Digital Age • AI LA


Inspired by Bob Ross, made by AI • Happy Little Pixels

HappyLittlePixels • Bob Ross inspired images made by AI
Online art gallery of AI-generated images in the style of famous PBS painter Bob Ross from his show ‘The Joy of Painting’ and exploring the impact of Bob Ross’s life on culture.
happy little pixels (@happylittlepixels) | Foundation
Synthetic landscapes • Inspired by Bob Ross, generated by AI